Short Term Disability Fund

Eligibility:  Active members who meet the eligibility requirements of Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 270 Welfare Fund.

Schedule of Benefits

Weekly Indemnity - $330.00 per week maximum
Maximum Benefit Period - 26 Weeks
Commencement Date (Waiting Period) - Sickness, Accident and Pregnancy 14 days
*Retroactive Period - Sickness, Accident and Pregnancy 14 days

*If disability continues for longer than the stated retroactive period, compensation is to be paid for 7 days of the waiting period.

Aggregate Limit of Liability for all claims, each policy year, shall be 100,000.00

Notice of Claim: Written notice of claim must be given to the Fund within thirty  (30) days after the occurrence of any loss covered under this plan or as soon as is reasonable possible.


  1. Any Disability during which the Member is not under the regular care and attendance    of a physician.
  2. Any Disability resulting from the Member’s participation in commission of or attempt to commit an assault or felony.
  3. Any Disability resulting from intentionally self–inflicted injury, while sane or insane.
  4. Any Disability resulting from injury sustained while working for pay or profit or illness for which the Member should be or is covered under Workers’ Compensation, or some similar program, or while working for a non-signatory contractor.

This Schedule of Benefits is a part of the Plan Document of Self-Funded benefits for Short Term Disability for the Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 270Welfare Fund dated June 1, 2006.